His  first contact with the garment was due to his parents, who owned a shop with clothes, and so they manage to bequeath to Dimitris the passion to take actively part in this market. So above all, he entered to a way of life with good looks, beautiful emotions, confidence and taste.

He learns professionally the market of the garment in 1986, as an employee in one of the most popular shops. Three years later, he designs his own clothes and decides to take a step further, founding his own company. In a decade of development and progress, the circumstances lead him to dare something innovative on the market.


The dawn of the ’90s will find him to manufacture shirts with contemporary design and European elegance. The continuously increasing of sales and the endless search for new challenges, seven years later would lead to the expansion of the activities in other sectors of clothing.

In 1997, the year of milestones for the company, handmade jean makes its appearance in the Greek market and becomes a registered trademark of highlighting the concept of handmade in the standard, so far, industry and sets new standards of quality to consumers.

That incident was verified by the entrance of the company and its further development in the Balkans and Cyprus market and by staying on the eve of 26 years, on top of consumer preference.


“Our philosophy is to give the customer more than he pays. We want to deliver him the most fashionable products in terms of fabrics, sewing and quality at a reasonable and cheap price. What distinguishes us from the rest is the huge research done on the product and the diligent, handmade processing of products, where the cost is extreme and prohibitive for the other companies, but the overall result remains impressive. And we offer only impressive results to our clients”, adds Dimitris Papadopoulos. The next unique product is ready to be launched into the market.